Home vacation

Protecting your home while you’re not there

Going away? If you are going on vacation, it is especially important to make your home appear inhabited. To fully protect your home, you will need to enlist the help of trusted neighbours, family and friends.

Here are some simple things that you can do before you leave.

Stop all mail delivery.

Arrange for a neighbour to cut the grass or shovel snow.

Cancel all deliveries during the time you will be away.

Maintain normal lighting patterns by using electronic timers.

Ask a neighbour to put one of their garbage bags in front of your house on collection day.

Leave a radio on with a timer, if necessary, to simulate normal use.

Ask a neighbour to park in your driveway.

Arrange for neighbours to pick up flyers.

Don’t talk about your vacation plans with strangers or service people.

Use your work address on your luggage tags so a potential burglar won’t know where your empty house is.

If practical, remove valuables from your home. Store small valuables in a safety deposit box. Lock your garage door.

Don’t post your vacation plans on social networks. Instead, share your photos when you return.

Before you leave, you should tell someone you trust:

  • that you will be away
  • how long you will be absent
  • whether or not you will have a house sitter
  • the number where you can be reached

Contact the staff at our local office for more safety tips.